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Lukasz Kusion

Owner and Operator

Mr. Kusion has demonstrated a profound dedication to physical health and overall wellness throughout his wide range of professional experiences. Mr. Kusion operated as the Chief and Owner of a Mountain Shelter for ten years, and in the decade before that, he filled the role of Professional Mountain Rescuer. Mr. Kusion has a clear understanding of what service means and how to capitalize upon a specific brand and company image based on unique specialties. This ability will be crucial for maintaining the Taste of Poland in the larger region of Denver and Boulder.

Before his career on the mountain, Mr. Kusion also operated as Owner and Chief at a ski school for four years. Mr. Kusion’s management skills have allowed him to oversee a range of different companies,

giving him unique insight into cultivating a flourishing company. With the ski school, Mr. Kusion was responsible for not only ski instructing but also the day-to-day operations as well as long-term objectives.

As a professional certified in alpine skiing, mountain rescue, swimming, and windsurfing, Mr. Kusion is an ambitious professional that is always looking to expand his horizons through new ventures. 

Mr. Kusion also served as a Search Dog Guide for the Fire Brigade Search and Rescue Group in Poland for many years. He is highly regarded in Poland for his extraordinary abilities in mountain search and

rescue and mountaineering safety instruction Through his entrepreneurial pursuits, personal interests, and volunteer efforts, Mr. Kusion has established himself as a compassionate, committed, and capable professional that can handle just about any task thrown his way. 

With his newest venture, Mr. Kusion can be trusted to lead Taste of Poland into true success, offering something wonderfully unique to the Boulder and Denver communities.